Commit f99e6634 authored by Alexander Detsch's avatar Alexander Detsch

added description for one pin, added layout-image with white background

parent 91d2caeb
......@@ -16750,6 +16750,7 @@ Low profile connectors, straight<p>
<pinref part="IC3" gate="A" pin="RCK"/>
<wire x1="238.76" y1="162.56" x2="185.42" y2="162.56" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="185.42" y1="162.56" x2="182.88" y2="160.02" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="185.42" y="162.56" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<pinref part="IC4" gate="A" pin="RCK"/>
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